Monetize your music with SOCAN (Tips)

Monetize your music with SOCAN (Tips)

Do you want to make money with your masterpiece?
Just follow the step to get rich like the boss 50 Cent or die trying.
It's going to be a brief overview of what the Socan can do for you.

What is Socan?

SOCAN is a non-profit music advocacy organization that connects more than four-million music creators around the world and more than a quarter of a million companies and individuals in Canada. The Socan work to ensure that more than 175,000 members – songwriters, composers, music publishers, and the hundreds of thousands of creators and publishers worldwide – are compensated when their music is broadcast or performed in public.

What does it mean?

This non-profit organization will work for you to ensure that you are compensated for your work (TV, radio, streaming services, performed live or used as background music).
You will be able to manage all your music on the website and receive your royalties for each one.
SOCAN has reciprocity agreements with over 100 music rights organizations, representing over 210 countries worldwide.
To give you an example, if your music is rotating over the radio in the United States or Dubai, well you get paid every time my friend.

What to do ?

You will need to create an account on the Socan website.
When you access your portal, do not share your login credentials.
In the portal you can add all your music repertoire, please don't forget to add the following info to each song (music composer, songwriter, producer or lyricist).
You can sign in to your portal at any time and submit live performances or add music.

Now its time to sign up: SOCAN

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